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Types Of Honey Found In Sundarbans [2023]

Sundarban is known as the world’s largest mangrove forest. The region is recognized for producing high-quality honey. Sundarbans honey is greatly valued because there are no chemicals or preservatives used in the forest, allowing bees to gather their nectar from an entirely natural environment.

According to the National Honey Board, more than 300 different types of honey are produced around the world. Although all honey has a sweet flavor, there are a number of distinctive qualities that give each type of honey its own identities, like color and flavor characteristics.

sundarbans honey types

Types Of Honey Found In Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

However, the Sundarbans are home to a wide variety of bee species, but in comparison, the Apis dorsata type produces more hives and honey. The honey collected from these hives is said to be the best in the Sundarbans. This honey is dark red in color and tastes wild, with potential health benefits.

Sundarbans honey season typically runs from March to May. Specifically, Khalisa honey is abundant at this time. Khalisa is followed by Gewa, Bain, and Kewra honey. All of these Honey types are derived from the names of mangrove plants.

Honey gatherers must travel deep into the forest to collect these forest honey types. This rare wild honey is famous around the world for its distinct sweet but woody flavor.

Popular Sundarbans Honey Types

The honey from kholisha flowers is of the highest quality and is extremely popular. It is also expensive. And apart from kholisha flower honey, the mouals collect honey from goran, bain, and gibor flowers.

Honey from kholisha flowers is harvested from the beginning of May until the end of July. Honey harvested in May appears bright, whereas honey harvested in June and July appears a bit darker.

1. Multiflora raw mangrove honey

2. Bonphool natural mangrove honey

How To Identify Raw Sundarban Honey

Most people seem to believe that thick honey is the purest kind of honey, but the fact is not entirely true for Sundarban honey. The region and climate have an impact on the honey’s consistency. The purest Sundarban honey can be found in the region’s extensive mangrove forests. Mangrove trees produce thin, liquid-like honey because they are submerged for the majority of the year.

Because of the presence of mangroves and the year-round humidity, the honey has a thin, liquid-like consistency. Honey is typically golden in color, with a layer of white foam on top. It has a very woody and distinct flavor and is pure and unadulterated. The presence of white foam on the honey indicates that it is unprocessed, unheated, and raw.

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Q. Why is Sundarban Honey called Blood Honey?

A. Royal Bengal Tigers live in the Sundarban mangrove forest. The honey gatherers put their lives in danger to collect this mangrove honey. Every year, people die while venturing into the deep jungle to collect honey, according to residents. As a result, Sundarban honey is also known as “Blood Honey.” It’s also about twice as expensive as branded honey.

Q. What is the purest form of Honey?

A. Raw honey is the purest form of honey, extracted directly from the honeycomb. Raw honey is the best because it is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unprocessed. That is why raw honey is more expensive than any branded honey.

Q. Why is Sundarbans Honey famous?

A. Obtaining pure organic honey is difficult nowadays. Sundarban honey is extremely popular due to its nutritional value and purity. The best quality mangrove honey is only found deep within the Sundarban forest. The maulis (honey collectors) put their lives in danger to collect this high-quality raw honey. As a result, Sundarban honey is also known as Blood Honey and is well-known.

Q. What color is mangrove Honey?

A. The mangrove honey is dark-brown in color. It has a very woody and distinct flavour. It is well-liked because it is organic and doesn’t use pesticides on forest flowers. As a result, honey bees can produce high-quality mangrove honey.

Q. What does black mangrove honey taste like?

A. Mangrove honey is typically golden in colour and topped with a layer of white foam. It has a distinct and woody flavour. It is sweet and nutritious as well.

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