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How To Use Honey For Weight Loss [5 Easy Tips]

Honey has been used as a medicine in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Honey has numerous health benefits that can be listed. One of the most important reasons people buy honey is to lose weight.

Does Honey help in weight management, or is it just a myth? How to use Honey for weight loss? If you’re the person looking for all these kinds of questions related to Honey and weight loss, your search ends here. In this article, I will cover every topic related to Honey and the weight loss you’re looking for.

How Honey can help in Weight Loss

Gaining too much weight is bad for your body and immune system.

There are numerous factors that contribute to weight gain, such as not getting enough sleep, eating too many processed foods, and not exercising. Out of all these, One of the most critical factors contributing to your weight gain is a slow metabolism.

MetS (Metabolic Syndrome) is a collection of metabolic disorders that involves high blood pressure, central obesity, insulin sensitivity, and atherogenic high cholesterol. MetS is strongly linked to an increased risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, and as a result of this essential characteristic, honey is used in medical science to prevent chronic inflammatory processes such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases.

Taking honey with lemon in warm water can boost your metabolism. A faster metabolism indicates a more efficient digestive system. 

Does Honey Really Help in weight management?

According to studies, there is currently no evidence that shows honey directly affects weight management. However, honey boosts metabolism, resulting in a healthier digestive system. You will not gain weight if you have a good metabolism.

Honey has so many other health benefits that it is difficult to identify them all. Nevertheless, it will not magically reduce your belly fat overnight. However, by taking advantage of Honey’s other advantages, you can lose weight gradually.

Consuming honey regularly suppresses your appetite, making you less likely to overeat, and, as a result, you will lose weight over time.

Here are the 5 tips you can use Honey for weight loss

As previously stated, honey will not magically disappear your excess weight, but it can provide various other health benefits. As a result, you may be able to lose weight over time. Here are 5 simple tips to use honey for weight loss.

1. Replace Honey with Sugar

replace honey with sugar for weight loss

Sugar is a processed sweetener with no vitamins or minerals, whereas honey is also a sweetener but contains some vitamins and minerals compared to processed white sugar. That is why using Honey instead of sugar is a wise idea.

If you use sugar as a sweetener, you are getting only free calories and no crucial vitamins and minerals, and as a result, you will gain weight. Instead, use Honey as your primary sweetener to take advantage of honey’s health benefits.

2. Honey and Lemon for weight loss

honey with lemon for weight loss

Mix a tablespoon of honey in lukewarm water with lemon in the morning or whenever you wake up after sleeping. This recipe will boost your metabolism and oxygenate your blood cells. You will have more energy throughout the day as a result.

You can also eat a piece of garlic with this incredible drink. You should be able to feel the difference in three days. It will strengthen your immune system as well as your digestive system.

3. Milk with Honey for weight loss

honey with milk for weight loss

If you enjoy drinking milk for its health benefits, adding a tablespoon of honey will help your body reap the benefits even faster.

First, boil a quantity of milk to your liking, wait until it cools to lukewarm milk, stir in a tablespoon of honey, and enjoy.

Drinking honey with milk at night will boost your metabolism and provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein. You will feel more energetic the next day with an improved digestive system. Drinking honey with milk will help you lose weight gradually.

4. Honey with Luke warm water for weight loss

honey with water for weight loss

A human body contains 75% water on average. Our bodies require liquid to function properly. Water alone has numerous health benefits for the human body. The icing on the cake is that you can combine it with honey for weight loss and other health advantages.

Add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of lukewarm water, stir, and your drink is ready to go. Simply drinking honey with water can benefit your body greatly. You will have more stamina and oxygen levels throughout the day.

5. Honey with green tea for weight loss

honey with green tea for weight loss

If you’re a tea lover on a path to losing weight, first replace your regular tea with green tea. Boil a cup of water, add a tea bag, and let it cool down to lukewarm tea before adding a tablespoon of honey. Green tea with honey can help you lose weight progressively.

Green tea on its own is known for weight loss; however, adding honey will speed up the process by increasing metabolism and digestion.

Other Important Points For Weight Loss with Honey

If you are an obese or overweight guy who wants to lose belly fat or overall weight. Along with adding honey to your diet, you should consider the following points.

  • You are not going to lose weight by simply changing your diet or adding honey. You must incorporate some form of physical activity into your daily routine.
  • A calorie deficit diet is required for weight loss, but this does not imply that you must starve yourself.
  • If you’re an overweight man, starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight. This point may be irrelevant to you if you are unable to control your eating habits.
  • The most important point is that you must include some exercise, and going to the gym is the best way to do so.
  • Go for a post-meal walk, even for just five minutes. Suppose you have your meal four times a day; you can walk for 20 minutes a day. In this way, you can cut a lot of calories and lose weight.


Q. Can Honey directly helps in Weight loss?

A. No, according to studies, honey does not directly reduce weight in the human body. On the other hand, regular consumption of honey can suppress appetite due to its natural fructose. As a result, you can gain control over your bad eating habits. Finally, honey will assist you in losing weight, but not directly. The procedure will take some time.

Q. If not through Honey, what is the easiest way to weight loss?

A. The simplest way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake slightly from your daily diet. In other words, you must follow a calorie-restricted diet and engage in some physical activity. If you add honey with in your morning routine, it will increase the process.

Q. Does Honey with warm water help in Weight loss?

A. Drinking honey with warm water will help your metabolism and digestive system. So, if you exercise, you will feel more energetic and will gradually lose weight.

Q. Is it okay to put Honey in hot milk, tea, or water?

A. No, you should never mix honey with hot liquids because it will lose its medicinal properties. Always wait for your milk, tea, or water to cool before mixing in honey.

Q. Can I mix Honey with my Protein Shake?

A. Yes! Honey can be mixed into your protein shake. Moreover, adding a tablespoon of honey to your protein shake is a good idea. It will improve the protein’s absorption and properties.

Q. Should I drink Honey with hot or cold water?

A. Luke-warm water is preferable, but cold water can also be used if desired. However, do not mix it in very hot water; mild warmth is acceptable.

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