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Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 250 Grams


Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey 5 Kgs

Original price was: ₹2,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,699.00.
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Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Gram

Original price was: ₹330.00.Current price is: ₹309.00.

Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Gram

Original price was: ₹330.00.Current price is: ₹309.00.

(37 customer reviews)
  • 100% Pure Natural Mangrove Honey collected by Maulis of Sundarban from Sundarban Mangrove Forest.
  • It unique from other honey as it is less viscous with strong aroma and flavour of mangrove flower and rich taste.
  • Natural, no added sugar, chemicals and preservatives.
  • The honey is less viscous and looks watery. This is peculiar character of honey collected from mangrove forest. It mixes easily with water. The customer should not worry about its watery nature.
  • It is unadulterated and can be consumed safely. One can cross check with people in Sundarban about its nature.
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  • ‘Bonphool’ pure Natural Mangrove Honey is collected from mangrove forests of Sundarbans. It is an initiative supported by Sundarban Biosphere Reserve (Directorate of Forest, Government of West Bengal), West Bengal Cooperative Bank Ltd., Department of Panchayat & Rural Development, Government of West Bengal and WWF-India. Honey is collected by the Maulis (traditional honey collectors) and fishermen by sustainable apiary in the safe and protected camps of remote Sundarban mangrove forests. Every bottle of honey purchased
  • Will help in saving the saving the lives of the traditional honey collectors and fishermen.
  • Will contribute to conservation of Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundarbans.
  • Will help in conservation of Sundarbans, which protects Bengal from cyclone.
  • Will help in improving the livelihood of poor fishermen and traditional honey collectors.
  • The entire profit from selling the honey will go to the account of the cooperative of Sundarban forest fringe fishermen and traditional honey collectors.
Reviews (37)

37 reviews for Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Gram

  1. Rahul

    Mesmerizing Taste Of Honey , I Love It 😋😋😋

  2. Aditi Sharma

    I am regular customer of bonphool from feb 22
    real honey from sundarban

  3. vishnu

    Its best and Natural honey from jungle i loved it 🫀🫀❤️❤️❤️

  4. Archana

    Khub Bhalo Honey ami daily khai eta 😘

  5. Yash Talan

    Great Taste , Real Honey ! Love From Jaipur

  6. Arbaz Alam

    Reminds me of childhood days when we used so sometimes get Original honey by bee-keepers , Thanks Bonphool Keep It Up

  7. Prema

    The honey tastes good,consistency is good too, not too thick including in winters and what I find is it does not crystalize like alot of other honey brands I have tried before.The honey seems authentic.

    I have re-ordered it and vouch for the product.

  8. Mohit Pachouri

    Awesome product, using since almost 2 years now. Highly recommended.

  9. Pranav Jain

    Honey is original it doesn’t stick at the bottom with time…flvour originally might seems bit diffrent but with usage u will find it good.

  10. Aditya

    When i opened the lid, i saw a kind of fire.It shows how much pure it is.Till the last drop i have not seen a single sugar crystal.

  11. Soumyajit Langal

    Excellent product. Pure natural honey from a trusted brand. Promoted by Govt. of West Bengal and WWF. Now I have understood how the other popular brands sell sugar in the name of honey. Though the container is fragile but the packaging is excellent. Don’t give a 2nd thought before buying this honey. After all the money goes to the self-help group driven by women in the remote villages of Sundarban (West Bengal).

  12. Arnab Chatterjee

    Low-sweet honey, with a particular flavour. Good product.

  13. Barnali Das

    Flavor and test is nice.

  14. Yogesh

    It’s natural one in today’s artificial world , hehehe enjoying

  15. Soham b.

    100% pure mangrove honey. Quality product. Sweet touch of sundarban.I hope you will maintain such good quality. In the future too, I want to get such pure honey from you. And please never use a plastic bottle, just keep the glass bottle. Thank you so much for the way you have stood by the people of the Sundarbans and given us the opportunity to eat Sundarbans honey. Best wishes for the future.

  16. Kartik lyer

    Different from the other honey’s that we have consumed. This one has a unique flavour. We enjoyed it and will order again.

  17. Somia Raj

    Wonderful Packaging by Bonphool. highly impressed by Bonphool Company Packing.. Very safely reached.

  18. Sadiya

    Thanks to ” Bonphool” for his Good product. Payment system is very good. Delivery is very fast. Packing is very good. Price is very reasonable. Quality is very good. Bonphool Honey is 💯% pure. Freshness is very good.

  19. Manish S

    I was doing honey farming and I know very well how the honey tastes. This honey is very close to pure honey and Price is also reasonable.

  20. Pulak Srivastava

    Taste is really great.
    Looks absolutely genuine natural honey.

  21. HeedLess

    I loved how nicely the jar was packed.
    I have been using Bonphool honey since 2 years and no other honey for me!
    The jar will be reused once empty and this much is required fr my family for the winter season.
    Perfect packaging.

  22. Jyoti Singh

    Its daily consuming actually reduces your body fat & prevents you from getting cold. Rich in taste. Very creamy & looks pure. One more thing, packaging quality by Bonphool was fantastic. Nothing to worry in spite of the container is made of glass. Nice product…😊😊😊

  23. Tanmoy Das

    Bonphool honey quality is very good. It’s an original. I had a purchased pattanjali honey before it’s completely sugar syrup I saw 3mm sugar slices coming out from the bottom. That bastard is cheating.

  24. shashihonnu (verified owner)

    Too good! It better than other branded honey products in the market. The flavor and taste are excellent. No added sugar. Just pure natural honey.
    The packaging was nicely done. The product reached me within two days. I am going to try their other product, the raw honey as well

  25. Raja (verified owner)

    I tell you guysThis honey is purest.
    Compare to dabur organic honey or other in market because I have taste dabur organic honey and I say that so unflavored.
    😋😋thanks banpool honey

  26. debolina bhattacharya (verified owner)

    truely pure natural honey . its golden color and fabulous taste makes anyones gloomy day into a happy one. thank you sundarban honey workers and bonphool

  27. sourav joshi

    the taste was good , no added sugar—-will buy again!

  28. Gautam

    Very satisfied about the quality of the honey!

  29. mathiwanan

    My favourite varity out of all the honey, is this mangrove honey because I feel it has the perfect balance of taste & naturality

  30. parthaa

    it is authentic and very good product , happy to choose bonphool

  31. Sumit Das

    I have ordered this honey many time since i came to know about it ,It is very healthy
    I take it first thing in the morning with warm water and feel energetic throughout the day

  32. Mahesh Sankhala

    One of the best quality honey. Not that much thick as I expected but value for money.

  33. Mansij Chaudhuri

    Like everything about it. The only drawback is the deliverytime

  34. Plabon Debnath (verified owner)

    Good product , 👍👍👍👍👍

  35. Plabon Debnath (verified owner)

    আমার দেখা সঠিক ও আসল মধু 👍(একবার বিশ্বাস করতে পারেন ঠকবেন না))

  36. M. S. Mugesh Kumar (verified owner)

    good quality honey, the team behind this is very professional and ensures to provide best support for their customers. I had issue in delivery and it was supported well.
    I am recommending this to my family and friends

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