Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Grams

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The Apiary boxes and other infrastructure were damaged during super cyclone YAAS. To compensate the losses price of honey has been raised. Customer are kindly requested to cope up with price rise.

‘Bonphool’ pure Natural Mangrove Honey is collected from mangrove forests of Sundarbans. It is an initiative supported by Sundarban Biosphere Reserve (Directorate of Forest, Government of West Bengal), West Bengal Cooperative Bank Ltd., Department of Panchayat & Rural Development, Government of West Bengal and WWF-India. Honey is collected by the Maulis (traditional honey collectors) and fishermen by sustainable apiary in the safe and protected camps of remote Sundarban mangrove forests. Every bottle of honey purchased

  1. Will help in saving the saving the lives of the traditional honey collectors and fishermen.
  2. Will contribute to conservation of Royal Bengal Tigers of Sundarbans.
  3. Will help in conservation of Sundarbans, which protects Bengal from cyclone.
  4. Will help in improving the livelihood of poor fishermen and traditional honey collectors.
  5. The entire profit from selling the honey will go to the account of the cooperative of Sundarban forest fringe fishermen and traditional honey collectors.

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  • 100% Pure Natural Mangrove Honey collected by Maulis of Sundarban from Sundarban Mangrove Forest.
  • It unique from other honey as it is less viscous with strong aroma and flavour of mangrove flower and rich taste.
  • Natural, no added sugar, chemicals and preservatives.
  • The honey is less viscous and looks watery. This is peculiar character of honey collected from mangrove forest. It mixes easily with water. The customer should not worry about its watery nature. It is unadulterated and can be consumed safely. One can cross check with people in Sundarban about its nature.
Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Grams

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Weight 780 g
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12 reviews for Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey, 490 Grams

  1. Sanjay Kumar Sena (verified owner)

    Your initiative brings a hope of purity in this adulterated world and about the product its 100% pure. If you have really seen pure honey in your life you can at once ascertain that the product is real by the taste, smell and texture. These kind of things need to promoted in large scale and people should also motivate them by showering support. Thanks for the product. Worth the money.

  2. chakra (verified owner)

    Ordered with a lot of hesitation. But it is 100% pure and taste very good.

  3. chakra (verified owner)

    Ordered with a lot of hesitation. But it is 100% pure and taste very good.

  4. tsathishgct (verified owner)

    Bonphool honey is out of stock in Flipkart & Amazon, so ordered it directly in this site. Received it in 6 days (Chennai). Tastes great, way better than all other ‘branded’ honey.
    Thank you Sunderbansjfmc.

  5. Abhay Shirahatti (verified owner)

    Tastes great, way better than all other ‘branded’ honey.
    Thank you

  6. Raja Kumar (verified owner)

    Awesome in taste and 💯% pure honey

  7. nadodiganesh (verified owner)

    About to place my second order. After childhood days, get to taste some real honey… Had almost its taste getting used to adulterated ones for so long. You will feel the difference as you just open the bottle, even before tasting it. Glad the purchase is contributing a little bit to a good cause

  8. Basab Chakrabarty (verified owner)

    My first order was through Amazon and the honey was amazing. While placing my second order, I had to order through this website since Amazon / Flipkart did not have the product in stock.
    The delivery experience was pleasantly surprising; packaging quality was better than Amazon, mail / sms alerts at each step of the consignment – really professional approach! Keep up the good work !!

  9. bhuvaneshwar.bharathiya (verified owner)

    High quality honey, I about place my second order.

  10. Surendra Reddy (verified owner)

    Wow fast delivery and SMS alerts
    Honey is good

  11. MOHAMMAD ABDULLAH (verified owner)

    Read in news about this Self Help Group Managed project in the Indian Express newspaper after the cseindia report of the failed test reports of several big brands of the Honey and how China is supplying a chemical to bypass the Honey metric tests at Indian labs.

    Then thought to purchase this.

    Purchased on March 12, 2021. reached at Lucknow on March 17, 2021.

    Delivery is fast.

    Honey is tasty. Taking it in morning breakfast. Ordered several for my parents in bihar through Amazon. as Amazon had some offer discounts.

    Anyway, hope that more people are aware about this product and purchase it so that the SHG group get more profits and remain in business.

    Anyway thanks for the product and Yeah I trust it that the people engaged would supply us the best Honey drops from the Sunderban.

    Jai Hind.


  12. Anirban Das Majumder (verified owner)

    I am a satisfied consumer of Bonphool honey since last six months . Quality and taste both are amazing.

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